Forestry Speed Dating: high-performance wooden building materials

22 September 2022, 14:45-16:00 (CET), online.

Wood construction
Photo: Garnica

EFI Bioregions Facility is organising a second series of Forestry Speed Dating events to facilitate exchange of ideas on the topic of bio-based solutions for sustainable construction.

On 22 September 2022, during the second event of the second Forestry Speed Dating series, two companies will explore the topic of high-performance wooden building materials by presenting their sustainable innovations.

Garnica – Innovative insulation panel products

Garnica is a world leader in the plywood industry. They work continuously to develop new products, combining different species of wood with new materials, always with the aim of proposing solutions to market needs. A recent product that will be presented is G-brick, a structural insulating panel with high mechanical performance recommended as a construction system in passive or high energy efficiency projects.

Avant Wood – Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification machines that turn lower value wood sources into higher value building materials

Avant Wood Finland will share the use case of the multi-award-winning Loeley project in Finland which is 7 years old and where outdoor cladding, decking and interior furniture like tables and doors were all made from low-value “trashwood”. For the interior, birch plywood core waste was the raw material and for the outside, small diameter pine thinnings were used. Both raw materials are only considered good enough for thermal use as wood pellets or for pulp/paper but not for highly durable and long-lasting carbon sink furniture or building materials. The presentation will outline how the wood was modified to provide high-value durable end products and what the underlying features of the Avant Wood TMTM (Thermo Mechanical Timber Modification) process are.

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