Open consultation on new EU framework for forest monitoring

All European forest stakeholders are invited to take part in the new public consultation launched by the European Commission on the establishment of a framework for monitoring forests.

European forest
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The European Commission has opened a new public consultation to collect the views of all interested stakeholders on the development of an observation framework for European forests.

Given that, after the expiration of the Forest Focus Regulation in 2007, there are currently no unified reporting requirements for forests at the European level, there is a lack of consistent and harmonised data on European forests. This puts at risk not only forests, but also the possibility to achieve the goals that the European Union has set on climate, biodiversity, rural development, and bioeconomy.

Therefore, the Commission is preparing a legislative proposal for a new EU framework for forest monitoring and strategic plans. The goal is to provide open access to comprehensive, accurate and regular information on the condition and management of Europe’s forests. This information is not only intended to improve forest monitoring, but also to promote data-driven decision-making, support public confidence in forest management, reduce illegal logging, support sustainable forest management, and improve the adaptation of forests to climate change.

The Commission is developing this initiative in the framework of the EU Forest Strategy for 2030 aimed at fostering the preservation and restoration of European forests. This strategy represents a crucial element of the European Green Deal, which has the goal to improve the quality and quantity of European forests, and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, aimed at safeguarding nature and restoring ecosystems, including forests.

Find out more about this framework for forest monitoring on the European Commission’s website and consult the EU Have Your Say portal to keep up with the developments of the initiative.

Fill out the survey by 17 November 2022!

SOURCEEuropean Commission
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