ForestValue’s catalogue of results: cutting-edge forest technologies and management solutions

ForestValue has collected a catalogue of innovative forest-based value chain technologies and management solutions aimed at fostering forests’ sustainable management and innovative digital applications in the sector.

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European forestry faces a wide range of challenges, from lack of resource efficiency and modernisation, to decline in available skills and human resources in the sector, and not to mention the need to ensure minimal environmental impact. As a key sector which provides rural jobs and affects other industries, innovative tools and thinking is needed to ensure the sustainability of European forest resources moving forward.

A catalogue of “Innovative Forest-Based Value Chain Technologies and Management Solutions” has been brought forward to address this. These results have been funded under the EU’s ForestValue ERA-NET Cofund initiative. This catalogue includes innovative solutions for the sustainable management of multifunctional forests as well as innovative industrial production and processing technologies, products concepts and services.
The projects have produced 49 results that are organised into the following categories:

  • High-Value Added Wood Products
  • Wood Grading Solutions & Technologies
  • Wood Construction Material Innovations and Guidelines
  • Forest Management and Logistics Solutions
  • Policy Reports and Recommendations
  • Wood Material Research and Insights Library

Forestry players are encouraged to browse through our catalogue and get in touch with the result owners to see how these results can benefit you!

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