ForestValue policy brief: increasing sustainability and resilience of European forests

This policy brief was published by ForestValue collecting inputs from the results of various recent projects.

European pine forest
Photo: Pexels

During spring 2022 the ForestValue initiative, an EU programme aimed at promoting increased innovation and competitiveness of the forest-based sector in Europe, produced a Policy Brief booklet with the support of Trust-IT Services, provider of the Horizon Results Booster (HRB), funded under Horizon 2020 by the European Commission. The recommendations are based upon the results of the projects participating in the HRB services.

In the policy brief, we draw from a set of insights and lessons learnt that are based on recent ForestValue projects around innovative sustainable management of multifunctional forests and innovative industrial production and processing technologies, products, concepts and services.

The main solutions offered from the projects range from (among others) forest management and logistics solutions to wood construction material innovations and guidelines, and more. All this aims to contribute to ongoing challenges in Europe around maintaining and increasing sustainability and resilience of European forests and related value chains in times of climate change.

Read the full policy brief

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