The benefits of learning in nature: Bosquescuela schools in Collserola and Serralada de Marina

A new concept of children's school lands in Barcelona, Spain (Collserola and Serralada de Marina) with the aim of making forests and nature the learning environment for children between 3 and 6 years old.

Children playing in a tree
Children at Bosquescuela's educational centres. Photo: Bosquescuela

This article is part of a series of stories with the aim of introducing the audience to the concept of “Bosquescuela” (forest schools) and the innovative pedagogy that revolves around these educational centres that train in skills by choosing nature and open spaces as the primary setting.

The pedagogy of the Bosquescuelas encourages children to feel inspired by nature to learn and develop a healthy and successful personal growth based on the idea of exploring, developing, inventing and creating. Bosquescuela’s educational centres provide many opportunities to work on children’s psychomotor skills outdoors by fostering activities such as running, climbing, trekking, and jumping which help to improve the cognitive and emotional development of the students along with the acquisition of other competencies such as being able to concentrate, write and calculate in the classroom.

Photo: Bosquescuela

Empathy is another of the aspects that Bosquescuelas pedagogy tries to promote. Through empathy, the child discovers what is important to them, helping them to discover their own limits and those of others. The teachers accompany the pupil to find solutions in case of conflict and, if necessary, also intervene with their authority, always with the aim of protecting and not punishing. Acting in this way helps children to become aware of their needs in order to meet them and to increase their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Nature offers an equal environment in which to develop aspects such as confidence and self-esteem, which is why Bosquescuelas allow in-depth work to be carried out that enables children to create their own social tools to be well prepared for school.

Are you fascinated by the benefits of these new educational centres in Spain? Read more about what a day at Bosquescuela is like in the next Medforest article or visit our website:

SOURCEClaudia Meindorfer (Bosquescuela)
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Claudia Meindorfer (Bosquescuela)
Claudia Meindorfer leads the Bosquescuela initiative in Serralada de Marina (Barcelona). Bosquescuela is an initiative that promotes Outdoor Education and inspires new approaches to early childhood education in Spain. Bosquescuela aims to modernise the education system and offer society a type of education based on a sustainable model with nature as learning environment.