On-line viewer for the past and present R&D cork oak plots

The objective of this online viewer is to establish an interactive database to collect information on Portuguese cork oak forests and their study plots, highly valuable for researchers.

Photo: UNAC

The Cork Oak and Cork Competence Center in Portugal launched by the end of May 2022, an on-line viewer for the Past and Present R&D Cork oak (Quercus suber) research field plots, aiming to increase the interaction and knowledge about which have been the research areas, type of information collected, projects, and contacts of each R&D entity and lead researcher.

The objective is to keep gathering this info, allowing researchers to upscale the knowledge upon previous research, plots and data, but also to make available for technicians and general society what’s going on, themes under study, new projects, etc.

As usual, for now only national R&D entities in Portugal were contacted but in the future this application may be extended to other cork-producing territories. The Stone Pine Competence Center is on the same path, but with some delay in the information collected for its own on-line viewer.

Cork Oak R&D WEBGIS R&D WEBGIS viewer

Stone Pine R&D WEBGIS viewer (under development)

SOURCEUnião da Floresta Mediterrânica (UNAC)
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