Local initiatives to mitigate wildfire risk in Spain

EFI researcher Carmen Rodriguez speaks on the Spanish radio programme "Carne Cruda" to share some socially innovative initiatives for forest fire prevention in Spain.

Source: Pexels

Spain, like many other countries in Europe, has been burning for the last few weeks. The wildfire in Sierra de la Culebra, Zamora, has burnt 30000 hectares of a highly biodiverse ecosystem (it hosts a very large population of wolves), and is being reported as the largest one in the country so far in this century.

Once again, this has increased media attention to the wildfire issue. EFI researcher Carmen Rodríguez was recently interviewed on Spain’s “Carne Cruda” radio programme.

Interested in a forward-looking perspective, they were particularly keen to understand how society is reacting to variety of local initiatives which are, through different strategies, trying to mitigate wildfire risk across the country.

You can listen to her intervention below (In Spanish): from minute 23:52 to 26:10.

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