Bosquescuela: grow and learn in and from nature!

Nature as a classroom is now a dream come true for the children in Barcelona.

First Bosquescuela in Spain located in the municipality of Cerceda, Madrid. Photo: Bosquescuela

Playing outside while learning for life! What is already practiced in Bosquescuela Cerceda (Madrid, Spain) is being planned for two places in Barcelona: Collserola and Serralada de Marina.

These are two future educational centers for children of the age of 3 to 6. They will be outside all the time, doing outdoor activities with natural materials by setting by the official curriculum, including those of literacy and mathematics. If the weather is bad, they can take refuge in a wooden cabin located in the center of nature.

Children live daily with nature. Trees, stones, animals, mud, etc. offer them unlimited educational resources. This allows them to develop and grow in harmony with the environment around them without the need for textbooks.

Through free play, children can choose with whom, where and what to dedicate themselves to, while the teaching team creates the environment that guarantees their well-being and safety. In their game they are the ones who set their own challenges and who define the degree of difficulty they can and want to overcome.

Both future centers will mix the ages of the children in “class” and both will offer learning English (and also German if desired). Our proposal is to teach English with a communicative approach having one of the educators that communicates throughout the school day in English.

Photo: Bosquescuela

Sounds good, doesn’t it? We have all been in nature and we have felt how it gives us calm, strength and well-being. Imagine these benefits in children if we let them get close to it more often!

The most obvious benefits are the three types of optimal development that happens when we place a child between the ages of 3 and 6 in nature on a daily basis:

  • Cognitive development
  • Physical development
  • Social development

Read more about of the benefits this kind of education gives to your child in the next newsletter or visit Bosquescuela website.

Both centers are still being planned at the moment, for further information please contact the corresponding project managers: Laura (Collserola school – or Claudia (Serralada de Marina school –

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Claudia Meindorfer (Bosquescuela)
Claudia Meindorfer leads the Bosquescuela initiative in Serralada de Marina (Barcelona). Bosquescuela is an initiative that promotes Outdoor Education and inspires new approaches to early childhood education in Spain. Bosquescuela aims to modernise the education system and offer society a type of education based on a sustainable model with nature as learning environment.