What’s forest education up to in Africa and Europe?

In the context of FOREST EUROPE's webinar series "From the roots to the canopy", an online session was organised to discuss the state of forestry education in Africa and Europe.

Photo: FAO

On 25th of May, Forest Europe, IUFRO and IFSA held a joint webinar discussing the key findings from the regional assessment reports on forest education by FAO, focussing on Africa and Europe.

At first, the main authors presented the respective regional reports and informed about the current status, needs and challenges of forest education. Then the discussion took place: two students and one early career scientist discussed with the authors about differences in forest education in the two regions, what Europe can learn from Africa (and vice versa), and what needs to be done to enhance forest education.

Key findings included that forest education needs to be incorporated in the curriculum from early kindergarten on, and a holistic approach is essential: Teachers, students and politicians have to work together to make a thorough education possible.

The recordings of the webinar are available here.

SOURCEForest Europe
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