Wood4Bauhaus: Wood sector alliance for the New European Bauhaus

Several umbrella organisations of the European wood-based sector launched the wood sector alliance for the New European Bauhaus to establish an open platform of stakeholders.

Photo: Wood4Bauhaus

The European Commission’s New European Bauhaus calls for a creative, interdisciplinary, novel movement embedded in society to imagine a sustainable future together and to engage on a transformative path towards affordable and beautiful living spaces in urban and rural environments. A key step is the transformation of the building sector into a circular model that can also counteract the escalating climate crisis. This transformation requires prioritised research in the use of organic materials in buildings.

The Wood4Bauhaus Alliance’s main objective is to shape a better and sustainable future with beautiful, healthy and inclusive living, working, and learning spaces as part of a sustainable, low carbon-built environment. Our platform shall foster an open, long-term dialogue with all interested stakeholders and help share good practices related to the Circular Economy and Green Buildings.

The Wood4Bauhaus Alliance will hold a Reflections event on 12-13 June 2022 in Slovenia, following the New European Bauhaus high-level conference “Rebuilding the future for people and planet: a new Bauhaus initiative”, where participants will be invited to discuss future innovation needs and ways to connect industry, science and policy makers.

The Alliance goal is to inspire as many actors as possible to co-create and develop contributions to the New European Bauhaus from European to regional and local level, all in the common interest to advance and exploit as much as possible nature-based materials, innovative building systems and smart solutions to mitigate climate harm and benefit European citizens. The Alliance will therefore:

  • Encourage research and innovation for novel, innovative uses of wood in the built environment.
  • Foster new collaborations and co-creation between different stakeholders across disciplines, sectors, and society.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and skills development towards future generations.

About the Alliance

The Alliance confirming these policy recommendations comprises the following partners:

  • InnovaWood is the European network for wood science, research, innovation and education with 60+ member organisations in 28 countries, including RTOs, universities, VET centres and cluster organisations.
  • Bauhaus der Erde gGmbH is a non-profit think-tank with the objective to transform the built environment so that humans may live in harmony with the Earth’s natural systems by reinventing the original Bauhaus concept to meet this pivotal historic challenge.
  • BASAJAUN project fosters sustainable wood construction chains from forest harvesting to final buildings and Circular Economy solutions in the sector. It has received funding from the EU Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement no. 862942. InnoRenew was founded with support from H2020 Widespread-2-Teaming grant no. 739574.

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InnoRenew CoE
InnoRenew CoE is an independent research institute established in 2017 through the InnoRenew project. Research targets renewable materials and sustainable buildings, specifically innovative approaches to wood and its use, with the goal of transferring scientific knowledge into industrial practice.