The Future is Bright – The Future is Wooden: CEI-Bois 70th Anniversary and Summer General Assembly

14 – 15 June 2022. Skellefteå, Sweden

Culture House in Skellefteå, Sweden. Photo: Patrick Degerman

The European Confederation of the Woodworking Industries (CEI-Bois) is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year! CEI-Bois has much to celebrate and is keen to focus on the future, especially on an increased use of sustainable timber to help decarbonise the built environment. Hence, the choice of the prize-winning, engineered timber Culture House in Skellefteå in northern Sweden as both the venue and focus of its Summer General Assembly meeting and 70th Anniversary festivities.

The summer meeting will take place under the slogan ‘The Future is Bright – the Future is Wooden’. Participants will get the opportunity to go on a guided tour visiting several of the unique wood projects in Skellefteå, organised on Tuesday the 14th June and followed by a dinner celebrating the 70th Anniversary at the Wood Hotel by Elite, part of the Culture House.

On Wednesday the 15th June, the General Assembly will be opened by a panel discussion that will include the following key speakers:

  • Oscar Norelius and Robert Schmitz from White Architects – architects of the Culture House
  • Therese Kreisel, Head of Planning, City of Skellefteå
  • Evelina Fahlesson, Mayor of Skelleftea (TBC)

Through their interventions CEI-Bois will explore how the rise of a building – the new Culture House – can help a whole region rise, and in turn what are the wider lessons for Europe?

Commenting, Sampsa Auvinen, CEI-Bois’ President noted: “CEI-Bois has a long and distinguished history and we are proud to mark our 70th anniversary! We are convinced our best years are still ahead of us which will be realized if we can optimise the role of wood in helping Europe reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.”

The CEI-Bois anniversary celebration are organised by CEI-Bois, Swedish Wood, Swedish Forest Industries Federation and The Swedish Federation of Wood and Furniture Industry.

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