Over a Decade of REDD+: Outcomes and Socio-ecological Impacts

4 May 2022. Seoul, South Korea (online side event at the XV World Forestry Congress).

Mangrove forests are important for climate, biodiversity and people. Photo: Nelson Grima, IUFRO

Join IUFRO Global Forest Expert Panels (GFEP) Programme for the online and on-site launch of IUFRO-GFEP’s new major global assessment report at a World Forestry Congress (WFC) side event in Seoul!

Forests play a pivotal role in regulating our global climate and represent a cornerstone of our strategy to tackle climate change. REDD+ was conceived as a mechanism to compensate low- and middle-income countries for the conservation of their forests. The new assessment evaluates the actual on-the-ground impacts of REDD+ activities on forests, climate, biodiversity and people.

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