A new digital app mapping the potential suitability for cork oak in Portugal

The app is aimed at providing geographical information on the suitability of cork oak (Quercus suber L.) based on the quality indexes published by the researcher Joana Amaral Paulo and her collaborators.

Photo: Pexels

The Competence Centre for Cork oak tree and Cork recently developed a digital application to help the Portuguese landowners finding the right spot to plant cork oak trees, based on a scientific publication from Joana Amaral Paulo (ISA – University of Lisbon), that has mapped the potential suitability for cork oak in Portugal. With this tool, the landowner can choose the location in Portugal and obtain the site index for cork oak in four classes between high to low suitability.

The Cork oak app is available online in Google Play store here and a new version is expected in April 2022, allowing the landowners to include their own data on soil characteristics and calculate the specific site index in those conditions.