European Natural Resin: new website launched

The website contains all the information on the Collective Mark "Natural Resin of Europe", which is the label authorised and managed by the European Network of Resin Territories Association.

Photo: Sustforest Plus

Throughout the life of the SustForest Plus project, a specific line of work has been developed for European natural resin. As a result of the outcomes of the project, a Plan for the promotion of European natural resin as a product of environmental, socio-economic, technological and sustainable value has been drawn up.

With SustForest Plus, the basis for the creation of a mark of origin has been designed to differentiate natural resin from European forests from other products on the market, from other origins, and from other substitute products, through an action involving representatives of all the links in the value chain of the European resin sector.

The recently launched website dedicated to European Natural Resin contains all the information on the collective mark “European Natural Resin“, which is the label that certifies the species, management, and origin of the resins authorised and controlled by its owner: the European Network of Resin Territories Association.

Under this mark, the two documents that govern it have just been published: 1) the Bases of the European Natural Resins mark of origin
2) the Regulations for the use of the European Natural Resin collective mark

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