Green Care online course: from academic theory to entrepreneurial practice

The Green4C e-learning course will provide learners with a good knowledge of the green care sector, from green tourism, social farming to forest-based therapies, and aims at building entrepreneurial skills to promote initiatives and businesses in this field.

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Interested in starting your own Green Care business? The Green4C project team has designed a high quality online course on entrepreneurship and innovation for students and professionals in the field of Green Care. The course will run from 4 October until the end of January; the application deadline is 29 September 2021!

In an increasingly urbanised world threatened by the climate crisis, people are stressed and disconnected from nature. To address this, Green Care can be implemented, where green spaces are used to actively promote health, prevent disease and increase opportunities for social inclusion. Green Care initiatives bring many benefits to people and, at the same time, represent opportunities for new green businesses and jobs, sustainable management of natural resources and increased cross-sectoral cooperation and innovation. Green Care initiatives are a growing trend, but face a lack of innovation capacity, funding and formal recognition.

The Green4C (GreenForCare) project, co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, is a three-year project innovating and promoting nature-based solutions for health, well-being, and social inclusion. The purpose of Green4C is to contribute to the development of Green Care business opportunities for students, researchers, practitioners, as well as professionals through various activities such as the online course starting on 4 October.

Subscribers who develop the best business ideas during the e-learning course will have a preferential channel for access to the Green4C Business Specialisation Course. The Business Specialisation Course will consist of a free intensive training programme that will take place in Padua (Italy) in the summer of 2022.

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Green4C is a Knowledge Alliance three-year project innovating and promoting nature-based health and social care through university business alliances. Green4C has been funded with support from the European Commission.