ROSEWOOD4.0 Virtual Study Visits

During September, the ROSEWOOD4.0 project organises study visits to share experience and transfer knowledge.

Photo: Microtec

The ROSEWOOD4.0 consortium organises study visits to best practices and innovations that were identified to help reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation. More specifically, the project focuses on digitalisation of the forestry industry (forestry industry 4.0) and digital tools (social media, platforms, e-learning) for training and coaching. The consortium identified more than 100 of such best practices and innovations over five Regional Hubs and is now organising study visits to some of those. Due to the pandemic, many study visits will be hybrid or online and open to everybody.

Two study visits will take place during September and aim to share experience and transfer knowledge. The hybrid study visit to Microtec takes place on September 10th. The online study visit, entitled “Forest Finland – Forest’s role in everything we have in Finland” will take place on the 15th of September.

Study visit: Microtec
September 10th, 11:00-13:00 CEST

This study visit features Microtec, an Italian manufacturer that produces sensors for sawmills and specialises in innovating the wood industry. Microtec will present their innovative sensor technologies and give a glimpse of the potential of what can be done with an innovative technology. Afterwards (12:00-13:00), there will be a round table with all the ROSEWOOD4.0 partners to discuss the technical impact that this innovation can have on the sector.

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Study visit: RemBioFor (Poland) – Digital Forest Day
September 13th, 11:15-12:00 (CET)

This virtual study visit features RemBioFor research project (Remote sensing based assessment of woody biomass and carbon storage in forests), which is a practical example of successful application of remote sensing technology coming from Poland. This solution enables to tackle problems connected to insufficient data and climate change adaptation and mitigation measure.

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Study visit: Forest Finland – Forest’s role in everything we have in Finland September 15th, 09:00-10:30 CEST

During the session, the Finnish Forest Association will provide information on how to use forests responsibly and reports on what is happening in Finland’s forest sector. In addition, speakers will present Forest Finland, the joint communication project of the Finnish forest sector which talks about the sustainability of the use of the northern forests and about the solutions the sustainable use of them offers. This campaign will awaken and raise peoples’ interest and encourage discussion about the forests’ role in Finland.

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ROSEWOOD4.0 is a two-year Coordination and Support Action, funded by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme. ROSEWOOD4.0 builds on the well-established ROSEWOOD network of Regional Hubs connecting multiple actors along the forest value chain to reinforce the sustainability of wood mobilisation in Europe. ROSEWOOD4.0 focuses on digitalisation and digital tools for knowledge transfer, training and coaching, enabling practitioners to share knowhow with much wider impact.

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