FAO Forestry @ World Water Week

23-27 August 2021. Online event.

Photo: jplenio / Pixabay
Photo: jplenio / Pixabay

FAO Forestry will co-convene three sessions in the World Water Week on forests and water, building on the theme of the week ‘Building Resilience Faster’. FAO Forestry invites you to join in this week of collaboration and learning as they explore how forests are nature-based solutions for water that can help address some of the major water-related challenges our planet is facing.

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FAO Forestry features the following sessions at the World Water Week:

The forest-water nexus: creating resilience through capacity development
Tuesday 24 August 17:00-18:25 CET
This interactive training session aims to improve participants’ ability to characterize and explain forest-water interactions and explain why capacity development is needed across sectors. During the session, participants will have an opportunity to choose from different short trainings provided by each of the participating agencies and organizations.
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Healthy forests, resilient societies: Managing the forest-water nexus
Wednesday 25 August 18:00-19:00 CET
The session serves as the global launch for FAO’s publication A Guide to Forest–Water Management. The first publication of its kind provides guidance on monitoring, managing, and valuing forest-water relationships. The event will include an interactive session for participants to discuss the successes and challenges of managing forests for water and ask questions.
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Healthy forests, healthy people: managing the forest/water nexus
Friday 27 August 10:00-11:00 CET
Managing forests for water generates multiple environmental and social-economic benefits and is integral to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals as well as for climate change mitigation and adaptation. The Forest Water Champions is a group of professionals that advocate for better understanding of the interlinkages between trees, forests and water. This group of experts will share understanding of these linkages for the benefit of biodiversity, climate change and agroforestry, as well as for a more resilient society generally.
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