Share your insights on the EU Mission on Soil Health and Food

Are you an expert or actor on soil health in the EU? The Soil Mission Support Project invites you to participate in this online survey, which will support the effort to improve soil health in all EU member states. Survey closes 5 September 2021.

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Farmland in Uden, Netherlands. Photo: Dylan de Jonge via Unsplash.

The EU has set 5 missions for the future of the EU. These missions are commitments to solve some of the greatest challenges facing our world: fighting cancer, adapting to climate change, protecting our oceans, living in greener cities and ensuring soil health and food.

As a part of achieving the Mission on Soil Health and Food, we invite stakeholders, actors, and experts in soil to fill out this online survey. The survey is open until 5 September, and we estimate that it will take about 20 minutes to complete.

The Mission on Soil Health and Food states that land and soil are essential for life on Earth, and aims to achieve the goal that by 2030 at least 75% of the soil within each EU member state is healthy, or shows improvement towards supporting key ecosystem services. The Soil Mission Support (SMS) Project supports a portfolio of research and policy initiatives to achieve this goal

One of the tasks of the SMS project is to obtain insights on how the objectives of the EU Mission on Soil Health and Food may affect stakeholder interests. Your answers to this survey are valuable inputs to support the achievement of the EU mission on Soil Health and Food.

In addition to using the important insights from this survey to guide us toward the goal of improving soil health across the EU, we also plan to organize a workshop in September-October 2021 based on the results of the survey. Participants in the survey may indicate their willingness to be contacted as a part of these follow-up activities.

We look forward to your input and thank you in advance for your willingness to fill out our survey!

Complete the online survey here.

Learn more about the EU Mission on Soil Health and Food.

Read about the actions of the Soil Mission Support Project.

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