A future built in wood

The latest video in the series on the state of Europe's forests focuses on wood as an alternative material.

Photo: Forest Europe
Photo: Forest Europe

Forest Europe launched the fourth video in their series on the state of Europe’s forests. This video focuses on how wood is increasingly becoming an alternative material in sectors such as construction, packaging and even textiles.

Throughout the video series, Irene Baños Ruiz, a Deutsche Welle (DW) freelance environmental journalist, asks the questions many want to know about European forests in a series of interviews with experts. In the third video, Irene hopes to answer the question “Are we heading towards a future built in wood?” by interviewing Andreas Kleinschmit, Co-coordinator of WoodCircus.

Forest Europe produced several videos with authors of the State of Europe’s Forests 2020 report and other experts to discuss the current situation of forests in Europe, main challenges and possible solutions. The videos cover different aspects of the Report, such as impact of climate change, substitution effect of wood-based products, payment for ecosystem services, ownership, biodiversity and much more.

The first video “Europe is Greener than a century ago” in the series featured Kit Prins, a forest policy consultant, who speaks about the extent of Europe´s tree cover.

In the second video “More trees but weaker“, Michael Köhl (lead author of the State of Europe’s Forest 2020 report) explains that the average condition of forests is deteriorating in many parts of Europe.

The third one, entitled “Forests sinks or emitters? We choose“, analyses the capacity of European forests to absorb greenhouse gas emissions with Wageningen University expert Gert-Jan Nabuurs.

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