Cork and wood stories: key toppings of EFIMED’s May newsletter

    Photo: EFIMED

    Cork and wood are the featured “ingredients” in this new edition of EFI’s Mediterranean Facility newsletter. The main story in this May’s issue highlights the exhibition Sensing the cork oak forest at the Cork Museum of Catalonia by American photographer Michele Curel. The bulletin also includes other fairs and conferences related to the cork sector and places special emphasis on the potential of the forest and its materials such as cork or wood to provide for the social needs of the present and the future as well as to move towards a more sustainable and carbon neutral societies.

    An article originally published in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia with contributions from EFI’s Director Marc Palahi gives the keys on how to make wood the supermaterial of the 21st century. Along with these news items, the newsletter also includes interesting news from our Mediterranean network about new European projects, seminars on fire management or family businesses making the leap to a sustainable bioeconomy under PEFC certification.

    As ever, this edition includes calls, upcoming events, and publications from all over the Mediterranean, as well as items of interest from elsewhere.

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    EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.