Catalan Cork Institute Foundation at the Cassà de la Selva cork stopper fair

The Catalan Cork Institute will organise a wide range of activities at the Cork Stopper Fair next 12 and 13 June 2021 in Cassà de la Selva, Spain.

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As each year, the Catalan Cork Institute Foundation (ICSuro) will take part in the cork stopper fair which will take place in Cassà de la Selva (Girona, Spain) on 12th and 13th June. The fair has been organized by Cassà de la Selva City Council since 2018 and represents a meeting point for the cork sector, from the forest, through industry and reaching the final consumer.

Cork tree covers

As part of the fair, ICSuro will be carrying out a pilot test of cork tree covers on Passeig Vilaret. This is a project to recycle cork stoppers, which aim is to give them a second life by collecting, crushing and mixing them with glue. This initiative opens the door to turn a waste into raw material for different construction solutions.

Escape room about cork

ICSuro organizes the activity “SubeRescat”, a family proposal designed to bring cork as a natural product, highly versatile and close to the population and raise awareness of the interest of Mediterranean forests through gamification as a learning tool.

It can be done in groups respecting all safety measures.

Presentation of the Suropèdia

The ICSuro Foundation will be on the Àgora stage of the fair to present Suropèdia, a new informative website with international ambition that aims to be a living tool, free and available to anyone with concerns about cork and looking for a platform where to solve them.

Collection of cork stoppers for recycling

There will be a box at the foundation’s stand for the collection and subsequent recycling of natural corks to promote giving them a second life. These plugs are crushed and used for projects in the R&D&I department of ICSuro.

Promotion of the cork harvesting course

We are collaborating with the Escola Agrària Forestal to promote a cork harvester course that will take place in Cassà de la Selva on 21, 22 and 23 June. The aim of the course is to facilitate knowledge about cork harvesting and give students basic theoretical and practical notions to get started in this technique or to improve the practice of those who already know. This year the novelty is that it will be possible to practice with new mechanized tools for the cork harvesting developed in the project GO Suber.

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Catalan Cork Institute
ICSuro, the Catalan Cork Institute, aims to stimulate development and knowledge in the cork sector, contribute to cork-related research and to otherwise encourage and promote the Catalan Cork Sector.