International Conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering 2021

19-25 June 2021. Hybrid: Bern, Switzerland & Online.

Photo: Luigi Torreggiani. A stitched panoramic drone image showing the aftermath of the mudslide in Sierra Leone that claimed more than 400 lives.
Photo: Luigi Torreggiani

The 5th International Conference on Soil, Bio- and Eco-Engineering SBEE 2021 will be held from June 19th – June 25th 2021 in Bern, Switzerland and it will be possible to attend remotely to the scientific sessions in webinar mode.

The conference is organised by the Bern University of Applied Sciences (BFH-HAFL) together with EcorisQ and will bring together researchers, practitioners, geotechnical and civil engineers, biologists, ecologists, geomorphologists and foresters to discuss current problems in soil-resource sustainability, soil- erosion and slope-stability research, and how to address these problems using soil, bio- and eco-engineering techniques.

The state of the art of the most effective techniques of bio- and eco-engineering and Sustainable Forest Management to cope with these issues, which are increasingly topical in the context of the ongoing climate crisis, will be discussed.

The core part or the conference will take place at the Museum of natural history in Bern with 12 scientific sessions, 4 for each one of the central days of the event (June 21th-23th 2021), moderated by the world’s leading experts on the topics addressed.

The main topics covered will be root-soil interactions and distribution, root reinforcement, soil erosion and conservation, riverbank and coastline protection measures, slope stability modelling, effects of vegetation on hillslope hydrology, risk management and decision support systems.

Numerous other activities will also be organised within the framework of the conference with the aim of transferring research findings ‘from theory to practice’:

  • 1 pre-conference course for PHD students, post-docs, research associates about root reinforcement;
  • 2 technical excursions related to protection forest management and bioengineering;
  • 5 post-conference courses to discuss in detail the application of methods or tools related to the conference’s topics

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Detailed conference programme

SOURCEBern University of Applied Sciences
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