European survey on the markets of Forest-Based Care and Green Care Tourism

The Green4C project aims at increasing Europe’s innovation capacity to promote green and natural approaches to health and social care. If you are involved in a forest-based care or green care tourism initiative, then we invite you to take the survey(s) to help understand the green care market.

Photo: Dmitry Gladkikh / Unsplash
Photo: Dmitry Gladkikh / Unsplash

The Green4Care project aims at increasing Europe’s innovation and entrepreneurship in four thematic sectors: forest-based care, social agriculture, urban green care and green care tourism. These thematic sectors have in common that they are green and natural approaches to health and social care.

The Green4C project recently launched an open survey for two of their thematic sectors: forest-based care and green care tourism. The scope of forest-based care ranges from promoting health issues and improving general wellbeing to addressing mental and physical issues. Depending on the target group, forest-based care initiatives work interdisciplinary, for example in the fields of forestry, education, social inclusion and tourism. Green care tourism is defined as a wide range of organised tourism experiences and products that rely on nature and wilderness for tourists in search of health, well-being and regeneration.

The forest-based care survey aims to better understand the forest-based care initiatives, such as their customer base. By completing this questionnaire, participants will help the Green4C team develop a market outlook on forest-based care.

The green care tourism survey aims to better understand the initiatives that provide tourism experiences and products that support tourists in search of health and well-being by contact with nature and natural resources. The Green4C research team aims to understand factors like the initiatives´ customer base, needs and market for the creation of a market outlook on green care tourism.

Both surveys are available in a variety of languages and take about 10 minutes to complete. The target audience are providers of forest-based care and green care tourism initiatives. The surveys include questions on the type of organisation, the type of customers, the initiative´s sector, financing of the project and background. The survey is voluntary and anonymous and the data will be analysed in an aggregated way.

Take the Forest- Based Care survey!

Take the Green Care Tourism survey!

About Green4C project

Green4C is a three-year (2020-2023) Erasmus+ learning and exchange project that aims to contribute to the development of Green Care entrepreneurial opportunities that focus on health, wellbeing and social inclusion through nature-based solutions.

Green4C is promoted by The University of Padova and Etifor in partnership with Meath Partnership, Elevate, The Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Bundesamt für Wald, European Forest Institute, Wageningen University and Research, Forest Design, The University of British Columbia, The University College Dublin.

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Green4C is a Knowledge Alliance three-year project innovating and promoting nature-based health and social care through university business alliances. Green4C has been funded with support from the European Commission.