PEFC launches “Caring for Forests” campaign

PEFC Spain celebrated the International Day of Forests 2021, dedicated to "Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being", by launching a more engaged media campaign that puts the focus on caring for our forests.

Photo: PEFC Spain

The care of forests and the work of people dedicated to sustainable forest management are highlighted in this PEFC Spain campaign. There is a lack of knowledge in society about the forest sector and the people who take care of the forests. Sometimes, these circumstances drive to doubtful public opinions about the adequation of forest management or the scientifical or technical rationale behind the forest practices.

It may even seem that workers and inhabitants of forest areas, are not acting in the best interest of the forests, despite forests are part of their environment and livehoods. PEFC Spain wants to join the celebration of the International Day of Forests whose theme this year is “Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being” by launching our most committed campaign: “Caring for Forests“. We believe that it is very important to communicate the benefits that forests, and their biodiversity bring to the society and the planet, for which, it is necessary to preserve them through sustainable management and human activities that promote sustainable ways of life.

Therefore, we want to make visible the work of forest owners, forest workers, companies of the forest value chain, etc. and their important role in society to preserve not only forests, their multifunctionality and biodiversity, but also other important values such as traditions, rural development, contribution to the rural depopulation challenge or the innovation.  We also want to promote confidence in the skills of forestry professionals, the importance and benefits of their work, sustainable forest management and certification, putting the forestry sector in value.

PEFC Spain video campaign

Caring for forests” has the aim of making visible the importance of environmental care and preservation, the climate change mitigation, and the commitment of the active and permanent work of people throughout the forestry sector, essential to promote a decarbonised economy. We also want to raise awareness of the environmental, economic, and social benefits provided by the work of the forest sector and its entire value chain, from the forests to the final products. We have developed different materials and videos which will show the values of the alliances (SDG17) to promote synergies between the different agents in the forestry sector.

Therefore, we call on forest managers and owners, certified companies, consultants, auditors and professionals in the sector, the media, associations and public opinion to join this campaign to raise awareness and visibility of a sector that works tirelessly and cares for biodiversity and the planet’s forests so that we can all enjoy them. Currently, PEFC certified forests reach  2,434,785 hectares and almost 43,000 forest owners in Spain, which represents a net increase of 11,424 hectares and 956 new members since the beginning of 2021.

Likewise, in the drive to continue with the traceability of forest products from the forest to the consumer, 1547 companies are already certified in PEFC Chain of Custody in Spain, guaranteeing the sustainable origin of their products. This growth demonstrates the interest in forest sustainability to conserve our forests for future generations.

For more information, visit PEFC Spain website and social media networks.

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PEFC Spain
PEFC Spain is a non-profit organisation, founded by public organisations, private and public forest owners, private industries and professional organisations to provide a forest certification instrument that is adapted to a European context and meets the needs of owners to flexibly implement ecologically appropriate management.