Suropèdia: new website set to solve questions on cork

The Catalan Cork Institute Foundation has launched the "Suropèdia" (Corkpedia) website, which allows users to find interesting questions and answers depending on whether they choose to be a winemaker, wine lover or cork enthusiast.

Photo: Catalan Cork Institute
Photo: Catalan Cork Institute

The Catalan Cork Institute Foundation presents “La Suropèdia” (“corkpedia”), an informative website with international ambition that aims to be a living, free and accessible tool for anyone who has concerns about cork and is looking for a platform to solve them. Its contents have been validated by the technicians of the ICSuro Foundation and the forestry, industrial, design or tourism sectors.

The Suropèdia homepage segments audiences according to their interests and the user can choose three paths: “I’m a winemaker”, “I’m passionate about wine” and “I’m interested in cork as a material”. The contents are structured in the format of more than seventy questions and answers according to the topic: cork, cork oak, cork forest, curiosities, cork activities and publications. For example, it solves doubts such as “How long does a cork oak live?”, “Is there a fair specializing in cork?” or “Did you know that cork is one of the most important materials in a spaceship?”

With the creation of this new website, the Catalan Cork Institute Foundation aims to share its knowledge about the cork sector in accordance with its vocation to promote outreach actions that allow to expand knowledge and grow the Catalan cork sector.

For the director of the ICSuro, Albert Hereu, “the Suropedia must be a very useful tool for all those people who want to know the sector and the material as well as to those companies that have seen in the cork a business opportunity or an ally to sell their wines better”.

Suropèdia can be a useful tool for business people, entrepreneurs, students or journalists who have unresolved doubts about the cork sector and do not know where to go. This new tool is available in Catalan, Spanish and English.

SOURCECatalan Cork Institute
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