French version of “Forest Landscape Restoration Implementation”

IUFRO Occasional Paper 33 now in French - 'Mise en œuvre de la restauration des paysages forestiers: Leçons apprises de paysages sélectionnés en Afrique, en Asie et en Amérique latine'.

Photo: André Cook / Pexels
Photo: André Cook / Pexels

A total of 17 landscapes in nine countries with Bonn Challenge commitments (three each in Africa, Asia and Latin America) were analyzed as “snapshots” of FLR implementation by a team of IUFRO researchers. Now the lessons learned from these case studies are also available in French after the English version was published in 2020.

In each case the team collected information on who is involved, what actions are taken, what is working, what is not working, what has been achieved, what policies are supporting or hindering implementation, what has been learned to date, and what could be done differently.

Building on this information, over 60 specific lessons learned were derived from the landscape studies. These were further distilled into the ten overarching lessons that are presented in this publication. Results are intended to specifically inform FLR stakeholders operating in three different spaces: field implementation, FLR facilitation, and governance and policy.

Through this publication IUFRO hopes that the overarching lessons can provide valuable experiences for others involved in implementing forest landscape restoration.

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