Seminar on Innovation and the Mediterranean Bioeconomy spotlights MFRA 2021-2030

11 March 2021, 11 AM. Online.

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Innovation is often considered an all-purpose answer for overcoming emerging challenges and tackling so-called “wicked problems”, including the development of an effective forest-based bioeconomy in the  context of climate change. Yet, there is still a lot we do not understand about the potential of social and business innovation, and the particular pathways for innovation in the Mediterranean.

On Thursday, 11 March 2021 from 11 AM – 12 PM (CET), EFIMED will host an online seminar on innovation and the Mediterranean forest-based bioeconomy. Dr. Laura Secco, along with co-authors Elena Pisani, Elena Górriz-Mifsud, Mauro Masiero, Paola Gatto and Davide Pettenella from the University of Padova and the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC), will present novel findings from their forthcoming publication, “Innovations for the Mediterranean forest-based bioeconomy: breakthroughs, knowledge gaps and recommendations.”

These leading researchers will discuss their efforts to identify the current breakthroughs and knowledge gaps surrounding innovation that underpin the transition towards a forest-based bioeconomy in Mediterranean countries. Sven Wunder, EFI Principal Scientist, and Emin Zeki Başkent will moderate this engaging conversation with the researchers, which will also be followed by a Q&A with participants.

The seminar, along with Secco’s forthcoming research paper, are key contributions to the new Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA) 2021 – 2030. We have asked researchers, stakeholders, and other experts from across the EFIMED network to help us identify the key research challenges to be addressed over the next decade, which will be placed in the spotlight by MFRA 2021-2030.

One of the four proposed themes for MFRA 2021-2030 is “Social and business innovations and policy instruments to implement the Mediterranean forest-based bio-economy”. The online seminar and the research presented by Secco and her team will help provide recommendations for practitioners, policymakers and researchers to improve the effectiveness of research efforts within this theme.

Join us to hear these exciting insights on social innovation and the forest-based bioeconomy in Europe’s Mediterranean region, and help us highlight the most salient research challenges to be tackled in the next decade of Mediterranean forest research!

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These contributions from leading researchers, as well as feedback from participants like you, will play a role in shaping the future of the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda. To learn more about the new MFRA 2021-2030, stay tuned on MedForest and follow @efimedfacility on Twitter, where we’ll be continually posting updates throughout this year.

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