A resilient Spanish forestry sector supported PEFC forest certification 2020

Last 2020 has seen the forestry sector continue to grow in responsibility, despite the global pandemic situation, with an increase of 124,010 hectares of PEFC-certified forests in Spain and more than 6,000 forest owners joining the certification scheme.

Photo: Javier Roca de Togores Ginestar / Pixabay
Photo: Javier Roca de Togores Ginestar / Pixabay

2020 has demonstrated the commitment of the forestry sector to continue to grow in responsibility, despite the global pandemic situation throughout the year. The resilience of every actor of the forest value chain has been remarkable and essential to develop a more sustainable world. According to data in Spain, 2020 closing has registered a total of 41,870 forest owners managing 2,423,362 hectares of certified forest area. Covid-19 has raised awareness of the need of caring for forests for a healthy planet, given the function of forests as carbon sinks improving the air quality, while being shelter for biodiversity.

Photo: PEFC Spain
Photo: PEFC Spain

On the other hand, Covid-19 has been a major driver for sustainability; timber and forest products traceability as well sourcing from responsibly managed forests have been required by society impact in order to stop and reverse the consequences of the breakdown of the balance of human activities with nature. The forest-based industry has been key during the pandemic and has served as an essential sector in the manufacture of non-woven products such as face masks, sanitary materials, hygiene products, as well as consumer goods, proving to be a resilient and responsible sector.

PEFC certified chain of custody companies raised up a 5,2 % reaching 1.543 companies in Spain. Some new examples are Editorial Planeta, Motorpress Ibérica, Hannun, Uniarte Doors, Grupo Ondunova and Gráficas Estella, among others. The sectors that grew the most percentagewise this year were graphics, woodchips, energy and pulp and paper, reaching 230 (Δ12,7%), 58 (Δ7,4%) and 153 (Δ7%) certified companies, respectively. This data also demonstrated the forest sector´s contribution to care for the environment, by developing a low-carbon economy.

Thus, PEFC certification has proven to be a useful tool for climate change mitigation and a driver for bioeconomy improving living conditions for people and the environment. Now more than ever, it is necessary to face the challenges of the pandemic and reduce the effects of our planet´s environmental crisis.

Let’s take care of the forests, let’s take care of the people and, all together, let’s preserve the planet.

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