Linking sustainable forestry actors

Forum Synergies aims to link sustainable practices throughout Europe. This is supported by their webinar series on Sustainable Forestry.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

Forum Synergies is a non-profit association, founded in 1995, of engaged citizens, organisations and active practitioners engaged in sustainable rural development. They work together for a living countryside. Their network supports people and organisations who are engaging for a more sustainable, more democratic and creative rural life.

Sustainable forestry is one of the topics Forum Synergies is focusing on and they host a series of four workshops about it. The last workshop “Sustainable Forestry – insights and views from the Mediterranean” will be held in February 2021 and will present some interviews with actors involved in sustainable forestry in different Mediterranean countries. Besides, there will be a discussion on the principles of sustainable forestry.

The two first workshops (March 2016 UK, November 2016, SRB) established and confirmed four key principles which serve as basis for further discussions during upcoming events and offer a guideline for final conclusions.

  • A holistic respect for the health of woodlands and forests as natural organisms and systems, which have a validity and even sanctity in their own right, regardless of human intervention
  • A sense of stewardship of forests on behalf of humankind now and in the future, rather than selfish or short-term exploitative use of forests
  • A sense of communal responsibility for, and pride in, the forests; and of fairness in the provision and allocation of forest-based benefits and resources
  • A global perspective, based on care for all the world’s forests and on awareness of the fragility of global ecosystems and climate.

Read their Action sheet on sustainable forestry

Find the reports of previous workshops here:

1st Forestry Workshop – March 2016 (GB): Report

2nd Forestry Workshop Nov.2016 (SRB) : Report

3rd Forestry Workshop, Oct. 2018 (EE) : Report

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