Heike Freire’s Green Pedagogy approach hits Catalonia

The Higher Course in Green Pedagogy is being held for the first time in the region of Catalonia in Spain and it is endorsed by Florida Universitaria-Univesity of Valencia.

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Green Pedagogy is a permanent process in which individuals and communities become aware of their environment and learn the knowledge, values, skills, experience, and the determination to act, individually and collectively, to solve present and future environmental problems.

Many authors and experts in this field such as Heike Freire, a graduate in Psychology and Philosophy from the University of Paris X (Nanterre) and former advisor to the French government, consider that the 0-18 age group is key for the transformation of young people towards adulthood in which nature can play a key role in their formative process, both educational and experiential.

In February 2021, Heike Freire will launch the first Higher Education Course in Green Pedagogy in Catalonia region, Spain. This course has an academic requirement of a Master’s degree (approximately 400 hours) and it is carried out in collaboration with Florida Universitaria-University of Valencia.

This green education approach encompasses a set of concepts, ideas, attitudes, strategies, and tools, to accompany human development in contact with Nature. With its extensive knowledge and experience, Heike accompanies educators, families, schools, institutions, and organisations in their “renaturalisation” processes (reconnecting with Nature)

The aim of this first course is to address deep and well-grounded questions, which relate the principles of active pedagogy to the natural environment in the broadest sense of the term by offering an indispensable vision for all teachers and educators concerned with making a school and an education different from the mainstream.

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