#CuidemElBosc: raising awareness on the importance of forests in Catalonia

With this campaign, the Catalan Government aims to increase public awareness of the environmental, social and economic benefits that forests bring to society.

Photo: Agriculture Department - Government of Catalonia

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of the Government of Catalonia has recently launched an awareness and dissemination campaign that puts emphasis on conservation, rural and socio-economic development, and mitigation and adaptation to climate change through sustainable forest management. In Catalonia, in the north-east of Spain, 64% of the surface area is covered by forest and it is among the regions with the largest forest area in Europe. However, unlike other regions across the continent, Catalan society lacks sufficient knowledge about the very important role played by forests in its territory.

Through a series of videos that will be published on the department’s website and on its social media networks, the Catalan government aims to send a message to the public about the importance of the conservation and sustainable management of forests. The hashtag and main tagline of the campaign is #CuidemElBosc which in English means “Let’s take care of the forest”.

These short clips will cover different issues affecting forests, from their relevance to biodiversity, their key role in transforming rural economy, the benefits they bring to health and leisure, to the need to implement fire prevention actions. Furthermore, additional forest-related issues will be covered such as the role of extensive livestock farming in preserving the agroforestry landscape, the promotion of biomass for energy generation, and the use of wood in construction.

Recently, the Department of Agriculture of the Government of Catalonia has published the campaign video which briefly explains how the pine processionary control treatments are carried out and why they are important for forest health. You can watch the full video below (in Catalan).

At the moment, these videos are only available in Catalan language, but from EFI’s Mediterranean Facility Twitter account we will retweet these contents offering a brief teaser in English.

SOURCEGovernment of Catalonia - Department of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
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