BiodivERsA Citizen Science Toolkit

The toolkit is aimed at researchers and scientists working in the fields of biodiversity or environmental sciences who are keen to involve citizens in their research projects.

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The newly published BiodivERsA Citizen Science Toolkit aims to inform scientists working in the fields of biodiversity and, more generally, in environmental sciences, about the potential benefits of Citizen Science, and to provide a summary of the rationale to develop Citizen Science, current best practices, and useful resources in the field.

The toolkit targets researchers and scientists involved in research projects where Citizen Science could be used for data collection or public/stakeholder engagement (or where existing Citizen Science data could be used).

With this toolkit you will:

  • Get a better overview and understanding of what Citizen Science is;
  • Figure out all the benefits of adopting Citizen science approaches;
  • Have access to a list of the most relevant publications and most useful tools for Citzen Science;
  • Discover many examples of Citizen Science projects and testimonies from researchers; and
  • Find out how to overcome the most common perceived challenges

The Toolkit was developed by a working group including scientists and citizen science experts, following the Citizen Science workshop organised in Brussels in April 2019.

Using examples from a variety of projects, including but not restricted to BiodivERsA-funded projects, this toolkit aims to improve the understanding of Citizen Science practices and overcome potential barriers in research projects.

It is expected that this could help scientists to better consider the different dimensions and potential of Citizen Science as part of their research projects.

Read more and download the Citizen Science Toolkit here


Goudeseune, L., Eggermont, H., Groom, Q., Le Roux, X., Paleco, C., Roy, H.E., van Noordwijk, C.G.E. 2020. BiodivERsA Citizen Science Toolkit For Biodiversity Scientists. BiodivERsA report, 44 pp.

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