Aspiring leaders enjoy preview on Mediterranean forests in urbanised societies

Preview session for this year's YLP showcased three inspiring presentations to introduce aspiring young leaders to some of the programme's major themes and content.

YLP-MED 2020 preview session presenters
YLP-MED 2020 preview session presenters. Photo: EFIMED

Participants to the EFI Young Leadership Programme 2020, “Mediterranean forests in urbanised societies” enjoyed a lively preview session for the programme on 17 September.

After a welcome from EFI Director, Marc Palahí, the programme was introduced by Inazio Martinez de Arano, Head of EFI’s Mediterranean Facility who set the scene for the programme and provided a brief overview on the context of Mediterranean forests.

Aspiring young leaders were then treated to three inspiring presentations which provided a comprehensive overview to some of the programme’s major themes and content. EFI Board Vice Chair Christine Farcy (University of Louvain) gave an insight into Mediterranean forests under global change, Cecil Konijnendijk (University of British Colombia) presented a fascinating introduction to forests and cities, and Metodi Sotirov (University of Freiburg) gave participants a glimpse into the Scenario Building module of the programme.

20 participants have been selected to take part in YLP-MED 2020. Those attending the preview session come from Algeria, Buthan, Croatia, France, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal, Spain, Syria, Tunisia and USA and all were given the opportunity to introduce themselves. Course mentor Mireia Pecurul (CTFC) had prepared a welcome video while a testimonial from the 2018 edition by Jenny Gilbert gave participants a flavour of the inspiring lectures and intense work to come.

YLP-MED 2020 preview session participants. Photo: EFIMED.

The 2020 edition of the EFI Young Leadership Programme has been postponed until 2021 due to travel restrictions surrounding the global coronavirus pandemic. The programme will provide training, knowledge sharing and networking on Mediterranean forest-based value chains and their contribution to a circular bioeconomy, with a special focus on cities and urbanised societies. Young professionals will interact with global and regional leaders, network with peers and develop strategic thinking on how to manage and use forest resources to address societal challenges.

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