idiForest: innovation and emerging technologies for NWFP

6 - 9 October 2020. Online event

Photo: Sustforest Plus

idiForest is a new cross-cutting initiative mixing together the latest in research, development and innovation in emergent technologies with non-wood forest products through a periodic event and related communication. The 2020 edition of idiForest is co-hosted by the EU-funded INCREDIBLE and SustForest Plus projects and features natural resins as the focus product.

Due to COVID-19 situation in Europe, the event will be held online. This event, powered by the Cesefor Foundation in Spain, aims to boost the competitiveness, sustainability and social impact of non-wood forest products through the use of ICT and emerging technologies.

This general objective is intended to be achieved through a workshop on accelerating innovation and entrepreneurship in non-wood forest products, in which special mention will be made of resin harvesting.

The idiForest event is also aimed at stimulating the transfer and sharing of knowledge of the use of emerging technologies that can radically improve productivity, sustainability, supply capacity, profit and social impact. On the other hand, it also aims to create effective links between non-wood forest products entrepreneurs, technologists and potential investors. Finally, organisers expect that this meeting will serve to stimulate the development of viable innovation projects. A tentative programme is available here.

This seminar is addressed to forest entrepreneurs, technology and forestry companies; resin workers, academic sector, student and investors. All sessions will be developed in Spanish. 

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Cesefor is a Spanish private non-profit foundation. It promotes and provides funds for the Castile and Leon region in Spain while especially dealing with the forest sector, and its industry. The Foundation came into existence in January 2003 and since then it has been providing a dedicated service to the forest sector through various projects and business solutions.