InnoRenew CoE exhibition: Frames of science

An InnoRenew project exhibition in Slovenia shows research on wood and other renewable materials in an entirely new light.

Carbonized oak wood. Photo: Laetitia Marrot / InnoRenew CoE

Researchers from the InnoRenew CoE research centre have documented the phases of their scientific work and their experiments with wood and renewable materials with images and drawings, made by computer software and special devices, in an art exhibition in Izola, Slovenia.

Taking the objects that researchers usually work with out of a scientific context, one realizes that the images have surprising structures, compositions and colors that can easily be seen as art. The exhibition enters science through this aesthetic door, surprising the viewer with shapes, colors and compositions beyond the horizon of the expected, the predictable.

Even though the images look like an artistic abstraction or a set of patterns, they show real and tangible objects that were not created as works of art. Until the end of July, the selection of paintings can be seen in the Slovenian city of Izola.

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