New guide on the uses of valuable broadleaves timber in Catalonia

The Forest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia publishes a guide with the aim of showing the great diversity and relevance of the valuable hardwoods timber industry in Catalonia, Spain.


Valuable broadleaves are tree species whose wood may reach superb technical and aesthetic properties. Oak, walnut, cherry, maple or ash are examples of the species considered under this category. The Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia (CTFC) has produced this publication in the framework of LIFE MixForChange project and in collaboration with the Catalan Timber and Furniture Guild (GFiM) and the Catalan Wood Institute (Incafust).

In this publication we introduce the main valuable broadleaves in Mediterranean sub-humid conditions and describe the forests where they grow in Catalonia. We also describe how sustainable forest management can provide the timber of these species sustainably while promoting forest vitality and diversity, increasing forest resistance to the impacts of climate change (drought, fires, pests) and therefore preserving forest ecosystem services: water regulation, carbon fixation, biodiversity conservation, renewable products, rural employment and recreational use.

We also describe the main industrial destinations of the wood of these species as well as the main products elaborated with it, with a focus in the case of Catalonia: we present 11 interviews with members of representative companies of the different transformation industries.

This publication has an attractive format and easily accessible language so as to reach the maximum audience and draw attention to this sector which has high strategic interest in Europe.

This guide is available in English, Spanish and Catalan.

Full reference

Coello J, Piqué M, Beltrán M. 2020. Uses of valuable broadleaves timber in Catalonia. CTFC, Solsona (Spain). 55 p.

SOURCEForest Science and Technology Centre of Catalonia (CTFC)
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