Renewing the forest sector: behind Forest Value co-funded projects

After one year running, the projects co-funded by the Forest Value initiative are disseminating their first results and progress with the aim to share practices and advanced knowledge with the forest-based sector.

Photo: InnoCrossLam project (co-funded by Forest Value)

The European initiative “Forest Value – Innovating forest-based bioeconomy“, which aims to promote the competitiveness of the forestry sector in Europe by supporting its transformation, has recently published a series of stakeholder-oriented articles on the research projects co-funded during the last year.

Specifically, these stories are related to the 17 projects co-funded by the Forest Value Joint Call 2017 (JTC 2017) and have now reached their first year in operation. Each article compiles some results and progress in the field of forest bioeconomy and sustainable innovation in forestry.

The aim of these project stories is to reach stakeholders across Europe who could contribute to the transfer of knowledge and research in order to modernise forest systems, increase innovation towards more sustainable solutions and focus on strengthening an efficient, resilient and technologically advanced forest bioeconomy.

Among the stories already published on its website, you can find news about the InFutUReWood project, focusing on the reuse of current recovered wood in the circular economy as a design and building material, or InnoCrossLam, which seeks to improve the competitiveness of cross laminated timber (CLT) as a versatile reference material for engineering and construction.

SOURCEForest Value
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