Sponsoring a forest: experiences with corporate social responsibility

Former CEO of The Telemedicine Clinic, Alexander Böhmcker, reflects on the value and satisfaction of collaborating with Social Forest through a corporate social responsibility project in a Catalan public forest.

SocialForest and TMC
Social Forest's founder, Joachim Englert interviews Alexander Böhmcker, former CEO of The Telemedicine Clinic (TMC). Photo: SocialForest.

Forests are an essential part of the terrestrial ecosystem. They are indispensable to ensure the balance of ecosystems and to combat climate change. Social Forest is dedicated to caring for forests through sustainable forestry. We cooperate with companies and organizations that are ready to take on their social and environmental responsibility through different projects. The Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) for example has been working with us since 2017. To understand how a collaboration with Social Forest can work, Alexander Böhmcker – former CEO of TMC – answered some questions for us.

Why did you decide to engage in a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) project?

In 2016, the desire arose from the Telemedicine Clinic (TMC) team to compensate for the CO2 emissions we produce, especially since we send many of our radiologists from Europe to Australia by plane. For us, it was important that the compensation happened in a nearby forest, where we could observe, learn about and visit the interventions with the team. That is why we have established a three-way collaboration with the Generalitat de Catalunya, who provided the land, Social Forest, who did the forest work, and TMC as a business partner that finances the project.

How did you decide to sponsor a forest with Social Forest?

Social Forest was recommended to us by the Generalitat, who have had positive experiences with the team from previous projects. The team’s professionalism and passion for the project quickly convinced us. The “social” component of Social Forest was also important: with its purpose of “creating sustainable minds” and including young people at risk of social exclusion in their team, they deliver social value in multiple dimensions.

Photo: SocialForest.

Are you happy with the implementation of the project?

We are very happy, because we can visit the work sites and interact with the Social Forest team. The team was very committed to the project and organized training sessions. They also made it possible for members of the TMC team to collaborate in forest brushing tasks, facilitating work and safety equipment. The paella at the end of the day always marks a highlight and is full not only of healthy food, but of deep satisfaction for the work done.

How do you evaluate the cooperation with Social Forest?

Very positively, we can recommend them for being experts, for their commitment to the project and their purpose.

Do you have recommendations for companies that are thinking of doing a CSR project?

Clarify the motivation from which the desire arises and clarify the objectives, analyze the needs and how to cover them, find the right partners, get involved in the execution and ensure that there is permanence / sustainability in the initiatives.

Photo: SocialForest.

Every hectare of forest that exists is a generator of life and oxygen necessary for our existence on this planet. Help us manage our forests! With your involvement you also help create job opportunities for groups in the process of social integration. Find out more about the work of Social Forest on our blog!

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