Medforval: a new platform on Mediterranean forest landscapes

The Medforval website on Mediterranean forest landscapes has been completely renewed and stands as a useful tool for researching forest-related issues through updates, studies, documents and publications.

Photo: Medforval

Nowhere is this exemplified more than in the variety and wealth of Mediterranean forests, woodlands and scrublands—a delicate mosaic of high ecological, cultural and economic value. Today, though, these landscapes are facing major global threats, including climate change, rural abandonment, forest clearing and agricultural intensification. Medforval is an online platform created to address this situation, to contribute to the integrity and resilience of Mediterranean forest landscapes.

Eighteen sites have joined forces to preserve the high ecological value of Mediterranean forests, essential ecosystems for the survival of all of us. Launched in 2015 and funded by the MAVA Foundation, Medforval is a network bringing together forest landscape sites of high conservation value in the Mediterranean. Its members are a community of practitioners and scientists representing selected sites across the region, and contributing to the integrity and resilience of the Mediterranean forest landscapes.

This new phase of the network will facilitate the exchange of experience and good practices between members to better protect, manage and restore forest sites, and will ensure continuity with the previous phase of the network. Thanks to its restructuring and renewal, the new Medforval offers information on the current Medforval member sites, and you can download materials produced by the sites themselves and by the Mediterranean forest sector in general.

You can engage with the Medforval Network in many ways: learn how, stay updated and subscribe to the newsletter at this link

SOURCEIstituto Oikos
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EFIMED is the Mediterranean Facility of the European Forest Institute. Based in Barcelona, Spain, it was launched in 2007.