Forests special issue on biomass and carbon modelling in agroforestry

Submission deadline 20 July 2020

Photo: Forests Journal

This Special Issue of Forests journal is focused on modelling and managing the dynamics of forest and agroforest ecosystems biomass and carbon pools.

Biomass and carbon are crucial elements under the development of strategies for climate change mitigation, alternative and innovative management options, and sustainable bioeconomy. Under the forestry and agroforestry sectors, the large range of the temporal scale implies the collection of long-term data series and the development of tools that help to better understand and explain past records, as well as simulate future trends under a set of hypotheses resulting from the current cutting-edge knowledge. A diversity of tools, models, modeling procedures, and decision support tools have been developed and improved overtime in order to allow the inclusion of the temporal and spatial scales while observing biomass and carbon pools trends.

Research articles may focus on a presenting new or improved versions of resources that allow better modeling and understanding the dynamics of forest and agroforest ecosystems biomass and carbon pools. Papers discussing the forest and agroforestry management implications of their results for the ecosystems they are considering will be most appreciated.

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SOURCEProfessor Joana Amaral Paulo
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