ROSEWOOD Map Viewer: best practices and innovations for the forestry community

The H2020 ROSEWOOD project just launched a virtual Map Viewer tool and published a series of roadmaps for a targeted transfer of best practices and innovations in wood mobilisation.

Photo: ROSEWOOD project

The European H2020 initiative ROSEWOOD, which aims at mobilising more wood and offering a major opportunity for Europe develop a sustainable biobased economy, recently released the ROSEWOOD Map Viewer, an online platform making the network’s rich database of best practices and innovations available to the public.

The tool has been developed as a result of the work of the 15 ROSEWOOD partners representing ten different countries across Europe, who identified the best projects, innovations and initiatives in various forestry-related domains, from forest management to timber recycling. This is a step forward towards the sustainability of wood mobilisation, a process involving a large number of companies and stakeholders throughout the supply chains from the forest up to the final products.

The Map Viewer features a map of Europe showing the locations of best practice cases and several indicators to filter search results. With this tool providing a unique platform and knowledge repository for the forestry and wood community, ROSEWOOD moreover delivers hands-down advice and support to all stakeholder interested in transferring a particular best practice or innovation case from outside to their region.

The project developed to this end a coaching methodology. The tools included in the methodology allow preparing and driving the implementation of new projects based on a thorough analysis of the frameworks in advance.

Photo: ROSEWOOD project

ROSEWOOD roadmaps and final conference

For the transition to a biotechnology-based economy, renewable materials serving as raw materials must be mobilised in a sustainable way and innovative products must be integrated into the value chains of the circular economy. At European level, the approaches to achieving sustainable wood mobilisation are diverse, but exchange and cooperation between regions are scarce.

In parallel to the Map Viewer, the ROSEWOOD four regional hubs have designed a series of roadmaps for the selective transfer of best practices and innovations in wood mobilisation. The roadmaps are a key outcome of the Hub-mediated dialogue between experts, practitioners and forest and timber stakeholders from the four regions of the network.

Since 2018, the central objective of the ROSEWOOD network has been to promote knowledge transfer in the forest and wood sector across Europe. The results of the work developed for the last two years by the network will be presented at the final conference on 15-16 January 2020 in Florence, Italy. The event will be co-organised with the 2020 edition of the Forest Innovation Workshop, a joint initiative of relevant European organisations interested in keeping the forest sector vital and innovative.

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