Wooden materials: answering the challenges of sustainable housing for the future

A Euronews channel report with the participation of InnoRenew COE highlights research on developing new wood-based materials that help move towards more eco-friendly architecture and construction.

Photo: Euronews

The European television channel Euronews has produced a reportage that delves into how current technology is meeting future challenges in the field of food production and sustainable housing. In the film, our Mediterranean partners of InnoRenew COE in Slovenia explain in detail their work in the research of new building materials based on wood and recycled natural products.

Wooden constructions and the search for new materials based on natural products are about to become more and more common. In this research centre in Slovenia, wood and other renewable materials are being researched to create safe, environmentally and socially responsible buildings that meet the needs of all users. In addition, InnoRenew COE researchers specialising in wood modification seek to enhance properties, extending the useful life, and creating new functionalities of this material through advanced processing.

As stated in the report, the ultimate goal of this research is to support new sustainable architecture and construction that aims to develop homes and cities that could become carbon neutral or carbon negative, which means that future housing can actually create an environmental benefit by removing additional carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

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InnoRenew CoE
InnoRenew CoE is an independent research institute established in 2017 through the InnoRenew project. Research targets renewable materials and sustainable buildings, specifically innovative approaches to wood and its use, with the goal of transferring scientific knowledge into industrial practice.