IUFRO establishes Task Force to focus on Mediterranean forest genetic resources

The Task Force has been created in response to the accelerated degradation of forests in Mediterranean regions due to multiple natural and anthropogenic stressors, posing a serious threat to the diversity of forest genetic resources.

Photo: IUFRO

The International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) has initiated a new Task Force on “Strengthening Mediterranean Nursery Systems for Forest Reproductive Material Procurement to Adapt to the Effects of Climate Change”.

The diversity of forest genetic resources in the Mediterranean region is seriously threatened and research outputs to develop strategies and actions for implementing conservation and proper management of forest genetic resources in view of future climate scenarios are urgently needed.

This new Task Force aims to provide scientific information to maintain diversity in the forest nursery production chain, to apply serious and scrupulous certification criteria and, finally, to support the adaptation of future forests to environmental changes. This adds further value to the ecosystem services provided by silviculture.

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