Forest and its Potential for Health

Register now! III International Congress on Forest and its Potential for Health, in Girona and La Garrotxa, 7-10 October, Catalonia, Spain.

Photo: Associació Selvans

How can forests provide human societies with health and wellbeing? This international event will update and advance applied research and best-practice implementation, organised by the Sèlvans Association, the Network for the Conservation of Nature, and the Cultural and Natural Campus of the University of Girona.

Intended audience

Individuals and organisations interested in improving their knowledge and capacity to conserve and value nature in general, and high-ecological-value forests in particular; those developing their activities in natural forested areas; public and private forest owners; professionals, decision-makers, technicians and researchers working on health, wellbeing, the environment, and forestry; postgraduate and master’s degrees students, and doctoral candidates in these fields.

The o­fficial languages of the congress are English, Spanish and Catalan.

Early bird registration by 31 July 2019.

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