PEFC International EU Policy Seminar in Brussels

26 September 2019, Brussels, Belgium.

Photo: PEFC International

On September 26th the PEFC EU Policy Seminar will take place in Brussels. Its objective is to discuss and debate EU policies, sustainable forestry and its certification. The event is also an opportunity to celebrate the 20th anniversary of PEFC and network and meet with the forest community and stakeholders working in the field of sustainability.

The first session entitled Rethink Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) will initially focus on the latest trends and developments in SFM and sustainability insurance. It will also explore cases of sustainable forest management in the Congo Bassin, the development of the landscape approach, Climate Smart Forestry, the role of small holders, among other related topics.

There will also be space to talk about the EU Sustainable Finance Package, which focuses on opportunities for the forestry and forest-based industries. In this session, the following will be discussed forestry Bonds, new investments and financial products backed by forests and wood production and the future EU Taxonomy. The day will conclude with an evening cocktail party to celebrate PEFC 20th Anniversary.

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