COOPEREM: Management of transborder emergencies

The project enables a cross-border collaboration between Catalonia and the French Pyrenees' firefighters to develop a joint policy for risk prevention and management.

Project Technical Meeting. Photo: Cooperem

COOPEREM creates cross-border fire prevention zones between France and Catalonia region in Spain. To achieve this, the project develops a joint policy of cooperation in prevention and risk management to improve the ability to anticipate and answer the actors on the ground to specific emergencies and disaster management. COOPEREM is a joint work between Fire Departments and Forest Departments.

The project reinforces fire risk prevention to protect the border area, develops cross-border crisis management operations and improves the infrastructure of systems for fire prevention and cross-border exchange. COOPEREM highlights the following objectives:

  • Implement a joint strategy to anticipate the risk of fires
  • Developing a cross-border response quickly, efficiently and safely deal with emergencies
  • Developing a coordinated management of fire risk.

During the first year of the project, 20 hectares of prevention tasks have already been carried out in strategic cross-border areas, and a cross-border legal study has been conducted to identify and compare fire prevention regulations between Catalonia and France, among other tasks.

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