Traineeship opportunity: Modelling the evolution of a forest landscape

EFI offers traineeship opportunity in Bordeaux, France.

Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park. Photo: Franck Lefebvre-Billiez.

The European Forest Institute (EFI) offers an opportunity for a traineeship in
Bordeaux, France, on the topic of modelling the evolution of a forest landscape according to mobilisation scenarios.

Following work carried out as part of the INTEGRAL European project, which resulted in the publication of indicators according to a 50-year evolution of the French Landes landscape, the trainee will participate in the realisation of simulations on another part of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. The work will include setting up the necessary mapping funds to carry out the simulations, interacting with stakeholders to understand management options and carrying out simulations.

This activity therefore requires a good knowledge of the handling of cartographic tools, such as QGIS, a good knowledge of silvicultural management issues and the basics of using growth models. Fluency in French is mandatory, and knowledge of Java is desired.

The traineeship is to last between 4-6 months. When contacting EFI, please indicate the topic you are interested in and submit your CV along with the request. Interested students can contact: Dr. Nataša Lovrić at

The European Forest Institute offers traineeships in its offices across Europe, allowing young researchers to engage with our work on forest policy, often in support of bachelor or master’s theses.

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