Have you discovered the Lessons on Fire digital platform?

Exchange knowledge, discuss and network with the fire community: Lessons on fire is a user-friendly digital platform dedicated to wildfires.


Lessons on Fire is a digital platform dedicated to the exchange of knowledge about wildfires.

This platform allows you to generate debates, sharing quality information, finding documents in an organised way, finding expert people, and/or asking a professional opinion about the integration of forest fires risk in the European landscape. LoF has already reached a directory of 330 profiles and 700+ documents.

Members are able to upload documents, videos, news, participate in debates and establish interprofessional relationships between them.

It is really easy to use LoF, just you need to prioritise what you want to do.

8 different functionalities make your network and knowledge experience much comfortable and enriching, with four new features recently launched.

Ways to get involved

Once you have created or updated your profile you can do the following:

1- Browse the library documents
2- Upload content that you consider interest for the fire community
3- Contribute to the Wikifire terms
4- Post or apply for Job Offers
5- Share upcoming events with the fire community

LoF allows you to network with people who share the same interests as you, be aware of job offers or read quality articles from different parts of the world, among other options.

Since Lessons on Fire came out in 2016, the figures have increased considerably.

Visit the platform and have a look around!