Forestry in the Midst of Global Changes

A new book on the changing world of forestry focuses on three main drivers: urbanisation, tertiarisation, and globalisation, and provides insights on what's next for the forest sector.


Forestry as we know it is changing. In their new book, editors Christine Farcy, Inazio Martinez de Arano, and Eduardo Rojas-Briales address these changes to explore how and why the relationship between forests and society is shifting, and to find what this means for the future of forestry.

The book focuses on three overarching – and interconnected – themes that are driving change within the forestry sector and also reweaving the global social fabric: urbanisation, tertiarisation, and globalisation.

This transdisciplinary and forward-looking book is a global effort, featuring contributors from a variety of fields and research backgrounds, and examining forests across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. In a changing world – and a changing sector – this book moves beyond mere information to provide key insights and inspiration for the next generation of forestry.

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