Proceedings of the 4th European Agroforestry Conference

Book of abstracts from the 4th European Agroforestry Conference presents fascinating new information and experiences about global agroforestry practices and systems.


It is a great pleasure to share the impressive book of abstracts from the 4th European Agroforestry Conference carried out in the beautiful city of Nijmejen (The Netherlands) during the European Green Capital 2018.

The book contains plenty of extraordinary information and experiences about agroforestry practices and systems around the world including Africa, America and Europe. Silvopastoralism is the most relevant agroforestry practice shown in the book, but also silvoarable or alley cropping practices become important. Sessions and topics deal with the enhancement of productivity of both the woody perennial and the lower story component of the agroforestry practice trying to cope with an increasing global demand for primary sector products, but also highlighting the importance of the delivery of ecosystem services and considering the fulfillment of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The importance of agroforestry as one of the best tools available to mitigate and adapt to climate change is also discussed in different papers. Biodiversity preservation and enhancement through locally adapted agroforestry practices is also tackled, as well as water and soil quality and health.

Social aspects and innovation promotion needed to successfully reach the necessary transition towards an extensive use of agroforestry are also touched upon in several papers. The needed change of international, national, regional and local policies is described as a mean to provide insights to foster the transition to agroforestry practices spread.

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SOURCEEuropean Agroforestry Federation
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